Summer Running Tips

  • The Running Team
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Running in hot weather – no problem! Or is it? Seven tips from expert Sabrina ‘Mocki’ Mockenhaupt.

Be an early bird: You don’t have to give up running just because it’s summer: To make the most of your training session it’s best to start your run early in the morning around 7am or in the evening at 6pm or 7pm when it’s a little cooler.

Adapt your speed to the temperature: It is far more taxing for your body to run when it’s hot. This means that you should take it slow. You don’t need to do a personal best.

Listen to your body and be flexible about running times: That way the training won’t have a negative impact on you and your body.

Go for light meals on very hot days: A lot of athletes eat more vegetables, salad and fish when it’s hot. Don’t over-do it and listen to your body’s needs.

It’s important to stretch – even in summer: Just because you feel warm doesn’t mean your muscles are ready. It will be easier (and more fun) to stretch in the heat, so don’t skimp.

Make sure you’re wearing the right clothes: Functional clothing and sun protection are a must. This includes a good pair of sunglasses and cap. Try to avoid baseball caps as they tend to store heat. For your running gear, functionality is key. Cotton shirts are a major no. They absorb sweat but don’t wick it away, meaning they’ll stick to your body.

Lace up and sweat it out. Happy running.