Suedes Vs. Hi Tops

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With the flip flops well and truly stacked back into the depths of your closet, we know that you want to cover up your odd socks with only the hottest kicks. But, alas before we can unleash our feet on the night-time streets, we face another style dilemma; Suedes Vs. Hi Tops? What with fashion going forward simply by taking us back in time do you embrace your inner vintage, old school suedes or the universally loved hi-top, coveted by everyone from the Justin Bieberites to the sleek urban fashionista?! 

Here are your contenders...

In the red corner, we have everyone’s favourite 70’s shoe that just never goes out of style, more retro than John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever dance moves, this is the pinnacle of old school’s the SUEDESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Suedes This shoe will wear well in any environment, the long walk home from the house party to the taxi rank, the dance hall disco floor, basketball court or peeping out from under a pair of uber-bellbottoms (if you want to do things properly)! We love these shoes because they are AWESOME and your friends will covet them, even if they do mock your gold chains! :)

RECOMMENDED: The Suede Classic Eco in old school red, go LOUD or go home, right?!

In the blue corner, it’s the pinnacle of edginess... releasing everyone’s inner hipster, skater, or pretty much anything a little bold and different, it’s Hi Toppppppssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Tops Part of any cool kid’s formative years, the Hi Top became the must-have shoe accessory as a result of celebrity endorsements from hip hop legends to basketball heroes.

RECOMMENDED: Standing out from a crowd is what we do best, so why not do it in style with the 2nd Round Hi in Mulberry purple?!

Which team are you on?!

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