St. Thomas High School watches as Norway defeats Equatoria Guinea 1-0

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Our friends from the St. Thomas Aquinas girl's high school team have made their way to Germany and were on-site today to watch as Norway and Equatoria Guinea battled it out until the 84th minute of the game when Norway scored to win it 1-0. Although it was not a high scoring game, it was certainly not void of excitement as there were no fewer than 38 attempts on goal- 18 from Norway and 20 from the Guineans.

The Ladies of St. Thomas set out early this morning to visit the PUMA Factory store to do some shopping prior to heading to the stadium and when they in Augsburg, they were astounded at the sheer magnitude of the stadium and the excitement of the fans. The team, who was decked out in their PUMA team USA gear, made their way to their seats and as they were waiting for the game to start, they were snapping pictures to document this once in a lifetime opportunity. Coach Carlos Giron commented, “watching intently as this close game continued, the girls were all thinking the same thing- I wish one day I can be on that field playing in the World Cup, too."

There is one thing that’s for sure; the ladies of St. Thomas are not short on role models to look up to in this tournament. The Brazilian National Team also found success today against Australia as they won 1-0 on a lone second half goal at the Stadion im Borussia-Park, Moechengladbach. Best of luck to St. Thomas as they continue on their adventure- enjoy every minute, girls!