Social Scavengers

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Fame and fortune, glory and gold await.

After hours athletes love a good team outing, and if there’s a bit of glory and gold at the end, even better.

So what could be more fun than scrambling around the city for a late-night scavenger hunt?

Just arm yourself with a camera, a detailed list of feats to accomplish, and a team of friends with a thirst for victory as strong as your own.

Soon you’ll be arm-wrestling bouncers, challenging strangers to chilli-dog eating contests, and taking group photos outside of every bar beginning with the letter “P” within city limits.

Our strategy for scavenger-hunting triumph? Dress for success.

You certainly don’t want to be sprinting towards the meet-up point in four-inch heels or slippery dress shoes, now do you? And, we’re fairly certain you can guess which trainers we recommend wearing for maximum after hours swagger.

Even if your team is not victorious, there's no reason to regret.  After all - sometimes victory is a phone number.