Smart Vs Casual

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As a fashion-conscious After Hours Athlete there is perhaps no bigger concern on a night out (aside from “How quickly can I get served at the bar?”), than that of choosing an appropriate outfit. Being the dedicated followers of fashion that we are, PUMA Socialites will often toil over the decision for hours in search of the perfect accoutrement to create that “I just threw this together” facade.

To dress up or to dress down? That is the question. Here are your contenders...

In the red corner, he is the effortless freshly pressed dressed to impress button-downed disco Don...SMMMMMAAAARTTTTTTTT!

Smart The smart look very rarely misses the spot and is more of a modern phenomenon where partying is concerned. A decision can be taken to go smart based on the exclusivity of the party venue, company or the After Hours Athlete’s natural desire to compete and outdo friends in a social setting. Smart usually entails super-styled hair, a fitted shirt, chinos or pants and a good pair of shoes.

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In the blue corner, he is the king of cool all about comfort fashionably late fashionista, it’s...CASSSSSSUALLLLLLLL!

Casual If done right, the casual look can turn just as many PUMA Social heads. After Hours Athletes are born with an innate ability to pull off casual threads anytime, whether it be a crisp graphic tee, preppy varsity cardigan or a pair of timeless PUMA Suedes. The rules are there are no rules and...we’d probably make up our own anyway! That’s just how we roll.

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What team are you on?!

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