Show Your Passion With PUMA Rugby

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Be a part of the conversation and join the verbal scrum down!

Here at PUMA Rugby we’re always looking for an excuse to get talking about our favourite sport, and what better excuse than the start of its showpiece event? After all, it only happens once every four years!!

Still, we’re not fussy...we would happily dissect the running lines of a group of kids in a local park on a Sunday afternoon. As long as it involves rucking and mauling, tackling and scoring we usually have an opinion and we’re sure you do too – so we WANT TO HEAR IT!!

Whether you’re willing that last minute conversion over the posts from your armchair via the power of your mind or Facebooking your frustration at a disallowed try, we know the feeling and it’s all for the love of the game.

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So come and share your support for your team, be an egg-shaped know-it-all or just tweet #HEAVE !!!!!!!