She Captured Our Hearts. How Did Delilah Capture Yours?

  • The Running Team
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We’ve watched her every move this season from the very start at the National Championships. She trained and raced hard enough to make her much, much more than the muse for a song that is delightedly stuck in our heads.

So at what point did Delilah capture your heart? What was your favorite moment from her hard-hitting season? Was it watching her find a space in busy NYC to train, or did you love to hear how she had to work-work-work to feel like she has become a better racer. Did she inspire you to discover your own space in a crowd to run? Who have you shared her story with, and why?

We all fell in love with her story and just when we thought she’d have a fairytale ending—a stress fracture. How did you feel when you heard about Delilah’s injury prematurely ending her season? How would you have handled it? What would you say to Delilah if you could talk to you her now, at the end of her season? Let us know, we want to know how Delilah inspired, motivated, and touched your hearts. Feel free to use the space below or our online communities on Facebook and Twitter.

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