Sea Birds Who Love Snack Time

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Photograph by Tobias Bernhard/CORBIS

Learn About: Albatrosses

My friend Rocco is an albatross. Albatrosses are big sea birds with big wings; their wingspan is the longest of any bird on Earth—up to 11 feet! That’s like 6 golden retrievers standing on each other’s backs! Or, for you adults out there, 1 Tom Cruise standing on the shoulders of another Tom Cruise.

Rocco and his family have a nice home by the sea. When they’re not gliding through the air or cannonballing into the ocean, they float along on the ocean’s surface. They need to eat a lot because they’re such big birds. Sometimes they snack on shellfish. Sometimes they catch fresh fish or squid for dinner. (I’m just happy they aren’t a fan of octopus!) Once in a while, Rocco gets handouts from people aboard ships; he told me that he had a great slice of pie last week. Like all albatrosses, Rocco gets all the water he needs at sea because he can drink salt water.

Marmo’s Tip: Pollution makes dinnertime difficult for Rocco and his albatross family. If people took the time to properly dispose of their plastic bags and soda can rings, the ocean would be much safer when he dunked his head for a quick bite. You can help protect Rocco and all albatrosses by recycling your plastic and using a reusable bag when you go shopping with your family.