Round two of the Global RallyCross in Fort Wort, Texas – Race Report

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Staying on four wheels wasn’t an option in Texas!

The second round of Global RallyCross was kicked up a notch in Fort Worth… actually a few notches! Organizers added a seventy-foot gap jump to a course similar to the one in Charlotte. It was so big that it wreaked havoc on a few cars including Dave Mirra’s #40, which suffered a bit of engine damage on a hard landing during practice. The crew scrambled to fix his car but was a minute too late to get it back on the line. Dave could only watch his heat start without him and would be forced to take his chances in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)

Teammates Sverre Isachsen and Bucky Lasek were paired in the same heat in round 1. Sverre screamed off the line and drove the #11 Subaru WRX STI to a second place finish, securing a spot in the A-final race. Bucky finished fourth and was seated in the LCQ.

The biggest excitement of the heat races and possibly the whole day would take place in the LCQ – B race. Bucky Lasek raced through the chicane behind a competitor whose car started leaking fluid. In the straight, he attempted to pass the slower car, as it appeared to be veering off the track. Suddenly it pulled back in during the lead-up to the narrow steel jump. Bucky hit the brakes hard to avoid the car in front him and lost too much speed to clear the jump. With a keen driving sense and decades of experience on ramps, Bucky launched off the side like he was on his skateboard, rode the water barrier on two wheels and stuck the landing! When asked about the race, Lasek responded, ”I had to use my second nature instincts which included an Ollie to 50/50 grind off the ramp on some water barriers. You can take the kid away from skateboarding but you cant take skateboarding away from the kid!”

Dave Mirra in the #40 WRX STI was also placed in an LCQ, where he put up a tough fight and finished just a few seconds short of advancing to the final. “It was great to see jump added. Unfortunately, after the first jump practice on Friday, the jump was modified and shortened. In the end, it was rough on the cars and the drivers. Hopefully by X-Games, it will be figured out and dialed in for the biggest event of the year,” explained Mirra.

With his teammates eliminated in the Last Chance Qualifier, Sverre Isachsen set his sights on the podium and entered the battle of the A-final. The Viking Warrior muscled his way from the back row along with eventual winner, Marcus Gronholm, to take the first joker lap. Sverre was who forced halfway into the grass but stayed on the throttle and made it into second position until the second lap when the leading cars got into traffic. We were heading towards the big jump, when the car in front of me suddenly braked. I had two choices, hit him and crash both cars, or I could brake,” explained Isachsen. The race was stopped and officials strangely denied Isachsen a spot in the re-start. "I don’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to start again. All I did was try to avoid a big crash. But on the positive side the car was awesome today, and I’m really looking forward to the next race which is a part of X-Games."

Stay tuned for more on X-Games 18 in Los Angeles from June 28 through July 1.