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Inspired by the product, athletes and football moments, which brought the Brand international acclaim, Spring-Summer 2014 unifies the PUMA icons of the past with the cultural aspects of Brasil.

Reinvigorating PUMA’s heritage, this collection takes a memorable journey to the streets of Brasil and fuses comic illustrations with elaborate tiling, travels to the depths of the Brasilian rainforest to pull out tropical prints and patterns, and offers respect to the national game of football.

PUMA footwear icons such as the PUMA Classic Brasil, a re-issue of the original PUMA Brasil, is modernised with state-of-the-art suede and a clean toe with durable cupsoles for drills. Together with the Brasil 70 Windbreaker and Grip Bag, this Brasil pack pays homage to the 1970 Brasilian national team who changed football history.

Additional styles like the Future Brasil Lite and Future Disc Lite Opulence are modernised with lightweight materials and improved features taken from classic silhouettes like the PUMA Basket. The Tropicalia Disc is a new Women’s specific style introduced to the PUMA family, infused with innovative design systems like PUMA’s Disc technology.

Key apparel styles blend Brasilian street culture as seen with the Lite Clash Tank and Clash Track Jacket, made with pixaçăo-patterned pictorials inspired by the streets of Săo Paul. Accessories like the Dazzle Shopper take graphic inspiration and illustrative cues from the Brasilian rainforests stacked high with ipê-amarelo flowers.

This collection is about clashing the old with the new to further enhance style, creativity, and performance. It is fashioned for the next generation of fans and future legends who will reset the rules, as they did on the pitch in 1970 Brasil. The next sensation, the next trend, the next icon will not wait or hold back. Neither does PUMA’s latest Spring-Summer 2014 collection.