PUMA Unveils the Next Chapter of Clyde: Undefeated x Clyde Collection with PUMA

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Sportslifestyle brand PUMA® has partnered with legendary culture brand, Undefeated, to launch the Undefeated (UNDFTD) X Clyde  Collection with PUMA, a special collection centered around one of PUMA’s most iconic and celebrated styles: The PUMA Clyde.  The UNDFTD X CLYDE Collection with PUMA will be released beginning in April and throughout 2011 and beyond.

The partnership between PUMA and Undefeated is about pushing boundaries and refreshing a classic style and icon, The PUMA Clyde.  Undefeated and PUMA explored trends in the marketplace and collaborated to interpret these fashion and lifestyle nuances into footwear styles that are inclusive of both brands.  The first release from the collection will be on April 10th followed by another release on June 10th, and many more throughout 2011 and beyond.  Consumers can expect to see clean lines and a unique exploration of materials and textures. 

“Undefeated pushes the envelope and is a leader in starting and spotting new trends throughout the sneaker and lifestyle community,” said Jay Piccola, President of PUMA North America.  “This partnership allows us to apply these influences to the most significant shoe in PUMA’s archive, the PUMA Clyde, and make it new, fresh and appealing to a whole new set of consumers that we know will adore each and every style.”

The PUMA Clyde was chosen for this project not only for its significance to the PUMA brand, but also to sneaker history and pop culture.  Customized for basketball great and current announcer for The New York Knicks Walt “Clyde” Frazier in 1973, the Clyde was the first signature basketball shoe.  Built on performance and style, it immediately became a mainstay on the court and on the street.  As a statement shoe, it was part of the uniform for cultural artists – DJs, b-boys, musicians and graffiti artists.  With its clean and classic styling, the PUMA Clyde continues to be on-trend today.


“We worked closely with PUMA’s design team, and were very collaborative in every sense of the word,” said Eddie Cruz, Co-Founder of Undefeated. “We shared ideas, brainstormed and pushed each other on the design language because we really wanted to make something great together.  The end result of the UNDFTD Collection with PUMA is just that – something great, forward thinking and cool – and we are excited to build on the momentum of this collection for seasons to come.” 

For nearly 10 years Undefeated has been the unofficial voice for the next generation.   With storefronts in Hollywood, Silverlake and Santa Monica, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Shizuoka and Tokyo, Japan they are globally recognized as a leader in streetwear and fashion trends.  PUMA and Undefeated first collaborated on a limited edition pack of PUMA mids that were released in January 2009.  The shoes were well received throughout the sneaker community and soon became a sought after style by collectors and style-conscious men and women.  This first project helped to lay the groundwork for the new Clyde Collection design partnership.

PUMA and Undefeated will celebrate the Clyde Collection in Las Vegas on February 14th with an exclusive consumer launch event featuring N.E.R.D. at the House of Blues.