PUMA Social Play Machine

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PUMA created the PUMA Social Play Machine, to help people to discover their Social Playmates and some fun urban activities in the city.

The PUMA Social Play Machine is a Facebook app that aims to inspire people to play in the city. It generates a variety of everyday play tips and phrases that are worth sharing with friends. It also creates a Play Team for you based on you recent Facebook activities.

Discover your best Social Playmates
Once you click ‘Play Now’, you will immediate take on the role of the Captain and the app will generate three Playmates from your Facebook friends. Each Playmate will be assigned a fun Playmate trait with a suggested PUMA footwear, accessory or apparel fit for play. You can send over invitation to these Playmates so they can join the action and try the Play Machine themselves.

Find out the Play gear for yourself
The app will also give you suggestion on gear that suits for Urban Play. You can ask your friends’ opinions by clicking ‘Ask My Friend’. A message with the product image will then appear on your Facebook timeline and friends can like or give their comments – initiating a fun, light-hearted conversation amongst friends.

Get the best offer in PUMA Stores
To top it all, clicking the ‘Coupon’ button gives users exclusive PUMA offers to be claimed at PUMA stores in your city!*

Hong Kong: Lottery entry to win a Winter Goosedown Jacket (Japan Edition).  Promotion License Number: 39706

Malaysia:  RM50 off PUMA Social Play Day @ Urbanscapes Weekend Pass promotion

Singapore: 20% off on regular priced items

Taiwan: 200 New Taiwan Dollars off on regular priced items


*Terms and Conditions apply.


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