PUMA Loves Vinyl

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As Mumbai mourned the potential loss of their partying rights (thanks to the revival of some obsolete laws) we gave them a reason to celebrate with PUMA Loves Vinyl. And boy, did they show us some love

Thousands of music fanatics turned up to witness the gig of the year when PUMA Loves Vinyl opened its doors on Saturday, June23rd. The scene: an offbeat, converted warehouse in the heart of the city’s creative community that was transformed into a joyous, energized hub of music, dance, art and after-hours revelry. In a night where music was the intoxicant – our 5 artists tore it up on stage, playing original sets for their raucous fans and setting their turntables on fire.

As the audience clamoured to get ‘PUMA Loves Vinyl’ stamps on their arms or score an authentic vinyl gig invite, and thronged the stage to be closer to the magic, PUMA hit the right note in every way - on the night when music was the undisputed champion.