PUMA Football has a chat with Eboué of Ivory Coast & Arsenal

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PUMAFootball: Can Arsenal win this year?

EBOUÉ: Yes, why not? I think so, I really think when you play football if you don't believe in yourself it's not worth playing. I believe that with the team we have if we continue to dig deep and continue to play like we are doing at the moment, I think we could win it.

PUMAFootball: But, do you think that it could be said that Chelsea and Man. United are the strongest?

EBOUÉ: Yes, you know, it’s always like that but I can tell you that the English championship is very strange. If you lose a match, perhaps you will drop down the league; and if you win one match you could be in the top ten. It’s a championship, which is at the moment very volatile and I personally think that there is every possibility we can win it.

PUMAFootball: And what is your opinion of Arsène Wenger; you’ve been working with him for some time now.

EBOUÉ: Ah! You know, me, personally, I feel at ease with him, because now I this will be my sixth year I have been with him, so, I know him very well. Well, he’s a good man. He has helped me. I am on the same wavelength as him and, then, when I have problems, he is always there for me and I think that he is an honest man. If he likes something, he tells you directly and he’s someone, who also loves his players, he loves us a lot, because he is always there for us, at difficult times, he’s always there for us and me, frankly I am happy to be with him, you know.

PUMAFootball: Do you think Arsène Wenger’s plans to invest and use young players are working for the club at this moment?

EBOUÉ: This is what Arsène Wenger does, he isn’t stupid, he is someone who really likes the young lads and, me, I think that each to his own. Everyone has their own way of seeing things. Perhaps there are certain people who say that there are too many youngsters in the team. Yes, effectively, there are too many young lads in the team, but, we have been playing together for years now and we know each other very, very well and I, I never go against what he chooses.