PUMA China Social Uncovered Concert Tour Completes in Beijing!

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PUMA China launched its biggest campaign in 2011 featuring a series of music events in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing to extend the PUMA’s social spirit from Spring Summer to Autumn Winter. The concert tour kicked off in Guangzhou on 22 October. Guangzhou PUMA athletes were greeted with giant bowling pins and newly created Social games such as 3.5m long foosball table, circular ping pong table and a PUMA shoe grabber machine featuring PUMA’s iconic Clyde shoes.

The concert tour continued and rocked on to Shanghai on 29 October. Halloween decoration and special product display added a special festive flavour to the event. The finale event concluded in The Place, Beijing on Nov 5th where the music event moved from an indoor to a semi-outdoor environment. This finale event featured total of 11 local bands and Taiwanese celebrity band Mavis Fan and 100% as they conquered the stage for PUMA athletes. PUMA athletes ‘played together’ via different social games such as human foosball! cross-pool table, human flight chess, doodle candy, four player darts, PUMA mix & match booth and circular ping-pong table to name a few, and also ‘played together’ through experiencing the joy of music. Over 320,000 viewers from all around China also experienced the live broadcast when the concert tour streamed for eight hours non-stop on China’s most popular video hosting website Sina Weibo.

Since the launch of PUMA Uncovered on 15 September 2011, city centrals of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Harbin have witnessed the explosion of interactive LCDs, billboards and posters, while Social athletes socialized with like-minded fans via several interactive games online at the PUMA Social website (http://social.puma.com.cn).

PUMA China延續上季的PUMA Social精神,於九月至十一月推出了2011年最大型的活動-PUMA Uncovered 巡迴演唱會。演唱會於10月22日在廣州掀起序幕,除了精彩的樂隊及范曉萱&100% Band表演外,PUMA更以巨型保齡球瓶、特製3.5米長的足球機、圓型乒乓球桌等創新PUMA Social 玩意迎接PUMA Athletes。

10月29日PUMA把演唱會移師上海,為PUMA Athletes帶來萬聖節的特別裝飾和產品展覽,為活動注入歡樂的節日氣氛。11月5 日的終極演唱會設於在北京的世貿天階。PUMA把這室外的場地變成PUMA Social遊樂場,帶來意想不到的遊戲,如人型足球機,十字桌球,人肉飛行棋等等。除了一直為PUMA站台的范曉萱&100% Band外,PUMA更邀請了11隊出色的本地樂隊演出。為了讓更多PUMA Athletes可以參與這活動,PUMA透過新浪微博現場直播;全程共8小時的演唱會吸引了超過32萬觀眾。

PUMA Social 活動於9月15日在中國各大城市展開,大型海報、廣告板、互動屏幕等隨處可見,同時PUMA亦於網站social.puma.com.cn推出線上小遊戲,讓各方智趣相投的Social Athletes 互相聯繫,分享PUMA Social的樂趣。