Prettiest Couch Potatoes In The Sea

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Learn About: Sea Anemones

Some of my best friends are anemones. They look like plants but are actually animals. They are related to coral and jellyfish (in the same way that you’re related to your cousins) and, like these sea creatures, they do not have backbones. Their bodies are very simple: a body, tentacles, and a foot anchors an anemone to the ocean floor.

Sea anemones are more of a “stay indoors” sort of sea creature. They don't move around much, like a couch potato without a television. They spend their time anchored to rocks or coral, waiting for small fish to come close enough for them to catch. To snare their dinner, they sting them with their poisonous tentacles, then plop them into their mouth.

There are many different species of sea anemone, more than 1,000! They come in all colors, and range in size from teeny-tiny half-inch specimens to incredibly big ones that grow to the size of a football player.

Marmo’s Tip: If the ocean floor is dirty, then sea anemones cannot fasten themselves to it. Keep the ocean clean by recycling your plastic and throwing trash in a trash bin. My anemone friends will thank you!