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Leg 2 Day 6 Blog from Amory

To receive today’s report from PUMA’s Mar Mostro follow these simple instructions:

1) Open yesterday’s report.
2) Print, and laminate.
3) Read aloud in cold shower.

There you have it! Now have a great weekend.

Okay – ha, ha – the joke’s on us. But seriously, that’s pretty much where we stand. There’s not a lot of difference from the past several days of Indian Ocean sailing. We’re still chasing this thing to the end of the earth it seems, but today’s new contribution from Mother Nature was a constant spitting of rain.

There was a bit of excitement in the afternoon when we came within 15 miles or so of the front, poked out ahead of the fleet and close enough to see it, but like our first opportunity to break through a few days ago we were unable to find stable enough winds to make it happen. Back we slid.

It’s obvious now that predicting or anticipating anything from this weather feature is impossible, and I think Tom has finally come to accept that we’re at the mercy of greater forces. His prognostications for passing it have ceased and been replaced with vague ideas as to when it might stop altogether. Today could be the day, but nobody can be sure.

So we wait some more. The sailing can be a little silly at times: wind speeds go from 2 to 13 in a few seconds, and then 15 seconds later do a complete reversal. But at least now we have some company, with CAMPER just half a mile to the north, their nighttime navigation lights clearly in sight. It’s almost like nothing’s changed…

Oh, right. It hasn’t!

- Amory


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