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By now you've read that BERG Propulsion is one of the world’s leading designers and producers of Controllable Pitch Propellers.  But what does that mean?  In this post, BERG's CEO tells PUMA fans who and what BERG is and why they're a great fit for PUMA Ocean Racing.

A moment to breath.

Another day, another airport. When you travel to foreign lands as much as I do, the “foreignness” wears off a bit. Unfamiliar faces quickly become close friends and exotic landscapes become part of the norm. 100 years of heritage and experience packed in a carry-on suitcase and shared in flicker of a screen. 100 years of quality and reliable performance embedded in a community takes a little longer to develop, but we’re well on our way. What started off in 1912 as a shipyard on the island of Hälsö, off the coast of Gothenburg, Sweden is now a full-fledged global organization- BERG Propulsion is today one of the world’s leading providers of controllable pitch propellers to the shipping industry.


Building momentum.

Extreme conditions call for reliable performance. I think it’s safe to say that BERG Propulsion’s Viking heritage can be found in all of our operations around the globe, from our sales & production facilities in Singapore to Dubai to Brazil and beyond. That tenacity, that respect for the unpredictability of the sea, that desire for excellence and the will to push ourselves harder, faster, stronger is alive in us. It’s what drives us forward to deliver only the best to our customers and keeps us at the top of our game. And it’s what makes it natural for us to participate in the Volvo Ocean race as sponsors of the PUMA Ocean Racing team.


100 Years Young

I can taste the salt from the ocean in the air as I make my way to our Production facilities in Ockerö, Gothenburg, Sweden. The icy wind not-so-gently reminds me that it takes a certain kind of toughness to be in our industry. Our craftsmen make manufacturing propellers look like an art form: skilled, graceful, exact. Our research & development and technology teams are at the forefront of innovation to ensure that each design delivers the quality and reliable performance that our customers need 24/7, from ice-breaking positions to steel-crushing waves. And our sales and service staff is top notch and always there for our customers.


My father and I took the helm of BERG Propulsion in 1999. Since then we’ve helped the company grow into a multi-national organization manufacturing, developing and selling controllable pitch propellers, thrusters, azimuths, control systems and hydraulic systems to ship-owners and yards around the globe. Our products are available to the highest extreme ice classifications requirements. Is being good at what we do satisfying enough? No. Just like the sailors on the PUMA Ocean Racing team, powered by BERG Propulsion, that competitive spirit demands that we set our sights far and strive for higher ground. The will to push ourselves harder, faster, stronger is alive in us.


Even if we are 100 years old.


-Håkan Svensson, CEO, BERG Propulsion