Portugal's Exhibition, Switzerland Sets New Record and Yet Lost, but are Still in the Game!

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We'll start with the rock 'n' roll show Portugal showed earlier today. North Korea came out on the pitch ready to show that their first performance wasn't sheer coincidence. And they did - first half was all right. Then, boom, Portugal scored the first goal - when scoring first in the World Cup they have always won the game. And...

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Six more goals and the World Cup was officially over for North Korea. A result that also sadly puts our boys in orange in a tight spot. Cote d'Ivoire now have to win big over North Korea while Brazil diminishes Portugal with a result that eats up the 9-goal difference that’s now between them and Portugal. It might be a long shot but we’ll always remain optimistic.

A heroic ten-men Switzerland lost against Chile with 1-0 but they did manage to break a World Cup record. As the clock passed they erased Italy’s record of 551 minutes for longest period of not conceding a goal. Big up for that and despite the loss they definitely still have a good chance to advance to the next round. Funny how this group is looking now: a possible, and not too unlikely scenario is that three teams end on 6 points: Switzerland, Chile and Spain.

Imagine that unbelievable scenario for Chile, winning their two first games but still getting eliminated. Ouch. But we know very well – games have to be played and goals have to be scored in order to even start talking about advancing. If Spain does neither, this scenario is just nothing but a ghost of a dream. But it’s just so fun to imagine all the potential scenarios, all part of the beauty of football…