Play The Game: Skee Ball

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Ramping up your skills with Skee Ball.

Have you heard of Skee Ball? Don’t worry if you haven’t. It’s not huge yet, even in the world of social sports, but wait a year and we think you’ll all be talking about it...

We’ve been hearing interesting things about this game, so us folks at PUMA Social played private investigator and had a look at what the fuss is all about!

The big idea – think along the lines of bowling, except that the lane has an incline - a pretty big one. You then have to bowl the ball up a ramp and hope it lands in a whole with a decent number of points.

The tools – we said it was similar to bowling and it is, but the balls are different. Often you will be chucking heavy plastic, rather than bowling balls.

The game plan – every athlete needs a game plan or a strategy. We’ve had a few goes at this game and we recommend you go for curve over pace! But if you’ve got some suggestions, lend us your Skee Ball tips!

The next time you’re mates fancy something a bit different, brighten it up with some Skee Ball!