Play The Game: Darts Doubles

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Can you master darts doubles?

This week we’re looking at one of the finest games to grace this earth, where skill and socializing combine effortlessly…it can only be one thing. Darts doubles!

Back a winner – this may sound like a simple rule to follow, but it’s a schoolboy error many darts players make. To ensure you make the right choice, pick a darts destroyer not a doofus!

Pick a name – but not just any name…darts teams have an illustrious history of coming up with imaginative titles for their side, make sure you do the same!

Hit the damn thing – if you can’t get your throws on target you might as well go home now and save us all the bother. Actually, come back, it’s quite funny!

Have a clear head – darts is as much about the mental as the physical, so make sure you’re able to concentrate and limit the drinks to just one per hand!