Play The Game: Bocce

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Prove your Bocce brilliance!

Have you heard of Bocce? Or bocci or even boccie as it’s known throughout the world? For those who haven’t, think along the lines of boules – you know, the game where you have to try and get as close to the Jack as possible!

We’ve been talking to some Bocce experts, granted they were mostly men from Italy, but they sure helped us brush up on our Bocce!

Know the rules – we said Bocce is like boules, but it does have a couple of differences! It’s all about landing near the Jack and bowling with finesse. Note that the surfaces you play on can be different but they are normally hard soil!

Underarm action – you’re only allowed to bowl underarm, so practice the PUMA Social classics; the ‘smasher’ and the ‘curler’.

Accuracy – It’s no use being super strong or being able to make the Bocce ball spin if your accuracy is off. Get used to the ball; they come in plastic or metal!

Tactics – once you safely learn how to throw the ball and not embarrass yourself in front of a bunch of strangers, learn the tactics! It can get quite complex at times!

The next time you’re wondering through the quiet streets of Italy, surprise some senior citizens with your Bocce brilliance!