Plastic Packaging? We Won't Stand For It.

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Sayonara, plastic foam. Hello, mushrooms. PUMA has partnered with Ecovative, a company that uses mushroom technology as a replacement for plastic foam packaging. Fungal mycelium – the equivalent of mushroom “roots” – is grown on agricultural crop waste and is molded to form this unique packaging called “EcoCradle.” EcoCradle packaging is an environmentally responsible alternative that is renewable, and biodegradable. After use, it can be broken up and used as mulch, composted at home, or it can even be used as a biodegradable beach toy.

PUMA is proud to kick-off this new packaging process with our latest PUMA Laird paddleboards. They’ll ship from the manufacturer in this EcoCradle packaging. Mushrooms: they’re not just for salads anymore. Who’d have thought?

We did.

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