One week until the Boys & Girls Champs

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PUMA celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Boys and Girls Champs in Jamaica. Who will be the next Usain Bolt? Who will top Shelly-Ann Fraser? In Jamaica these questions are regularly thought and spoken, most of all in the national stadium when the Boys & Girls Athletics Championships are taking place.
This year is the 100th running of this, one of the biggest high school events in the world. Each year a new set of under-19 talents show the world what they can do, and many Jamaican Olympic gold medalists start out here.

A 16-year-old Bolt caused a stir at the 2003 Champs, age 16, with his record-breaking 200m/400m double in 20.23sec and 45.30sec respectively. ?It?s the biggest thing we athletes look forward to every year ? I still go every year ? it?s like the World Championships or the Olympics,? he said. "It's very competitive ? especially the relays ? the atmosphere changes completely when the relays start."

PUMA has been supporting this important event for the last decade, and is now one of the Boys & Girls main partners. Apart from a visual presence on advertising banners and bib numbers PUMA will again be present by supporting many of the top Jamaican high schools. In fact, PUMA is a full partner of Jamaican track and field from high school to the top athletes. We are not only supporting the national teams competing in the Olympic Games or World Championships, but also helping in the development of track and field on the island.

So when, 100 years after its founding in 1910, a new star rises at the Boys & Girls Champs, PUMA will be right behind them.