One People, Infinite Talent

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Jamaica and PUMA pick up the pace in 100m Shop

Talent is Jamaica’s heartbeat: the reggae rhythm, the uncommon beauty, the supernatural athleticism. It has put Jamaica on the map in a way unlike any other, splashed with color and pride, and creating a stage which Jamaicans from Kingston to Toronto to Brixton can stand upon and spread “one love” to the masses.

Can you blame us for being fascinated? PUMA was charmed by Jamaica’s mystique and bedrock of possibility years ago. We have since grown together, transformed into and transfixed by something that defies culture and geography and time and velocity.

PUMA and Jamaica have worked to push the island’s talent into the global consciousness. We build upon this momentum and find a new ways to showcase the island’s flair for color-creativity-and-culture through collaborations with Cedella Marley and artists and influencers in Jamaica and beyond.

Over the next few weeks, hang out at the 100m Shop and peruse the many stories that we’re oh so stoked to share. Jamaica is contagious. We bet you find it the same. So kick back and if you’re not on a warm, sunny beach, then go ahead and just make believe. Walk good.*


*Patois for “take care.”

Digging Jamaica? Visit the 100m Shop and get your jerk-reggae-patois-sunshine fix. (Sunscreen recommended.)