"Off the field" with Matthew Wade

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"Off the field" with Matthew Wade, the ace Australian Wicketkeeper.

Favorite gadget on the move - Dr. Beats Headphones

5 things that he ALWAYS carries with him on tour -
1. Toothbrush
2. Deodorant
3. iPad
4. iPhone
5. Movies

Favorite after-cricket activity - Fishing

Music currently listening to - Anything in the top 50

Nickname - Smurf

Team he enjoys playing against the most - NSW

His poison when celebrating a win - Beer.

Social media network he constantly uses - Twitter

One cricketer whose celebration he enjoys watching - Jon Holland

His dream travel mode - A nice big fishing boat

Why is his lucky number 13? - I got given this number when I played in the U/19 World Cup and found it                                                                       to be lucky for me!

One cricketer whose feats he’d love to emulate - Adam Gilchrist

His favorite venue to play a match - MCG

Stuck on an island with only 1 thing with him, what would it be - Fishing Rod

If not cricket, what - Playing AFL.

Amongst all cricketers, his best friend - Jon Holland

Country he likes touring the most - South Africa

Trade places with any person from another sport, who would it be - Phil Taylor

His favourite game - NBA on the PS3