No Rest for Mar Mostro

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Leg 2 Day 15 Blog from Amory

First off, happy Boxing Day to the world that needs a day of rest after Christmas; we only wish we could be so lazy! And to everyone (including the rest of the world that’s back at work), we hope you all had a very, very Merry Christmas. There were some of us that probably would have rather been with our families for yesterday, but a day’s perspective and some more pleasant weather helps affirm how fortunate we are to be sailing, racing, and doing what we love out here. We will all see our families soon enough and Santa will come again!

And lo and behold – we find ourselves in a yacht race once more. The convergence line that has been hanging around this part of the racecourse hasn’t lifted, and it’s continued to slow the leaders while we benefit every sched from the fresher winds to the south. Telefónica and CAMPER are too far to touch, but late last night – well into the darkness – we found Groupama on our radar just 7 miles to leeward. We stayed high and on-the-breeze while they charged low and around a land feature, and we lost them. It’s too early to tell how it will impact today’s final miles but for the moment it looks like we might have a slight edge to the west.

With just 160 miles to go until our finish everyone’s anxious to arrive, but there’s a competitive tinge to the team that’s been missing the last few days. The guys can smell blood and we’re back in the hunt now. Hopefully it’s not too late!

- Amory