New Year's Resolutions, Inspired by November Project

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January is the time for resolutions, particularly fitness ones. We resolve to go to the gym four times a week. To finally stick to a healthy diet even if we are confronted with free red velvet cupcakes. To finally sign up and run that marathon we've been promising ourselves that we would do.

This January we challenge you to make those resolutions but to throw in a little twist. We challenge you to resolve to use your city and your environment for your fitness needs rather than your local gym. This will not only keep things interesting for your workout, but you'll have a lot of fun exploring your city through a completely different lens than your usual one.

A little more than a year ago, the founders of November Project, an underground fitness group in Boston, decided that it was time for something new. They were tired of paying for gym memberships and they were finding it hard to hold themselves accountable for their workouts. They decided to try something new. They scheduled a time three times a week to meet each other for a workout at random locations around Boston. Each workout depended on what the scheduled workout place had to offer.

The Harvard Football Stadium became a regular meeting place. They'd arrive early in the morning, often times before the sun rose, to run the stadium stairs. Other mornings they'd meet at one of Boston's longest and perhaps steepest hills, Summit Avenue, for hill repeats. At first it was only the two of them, but as news spread new faces started showing up each morning.

This past November, their anniversary month, PUMA sponsored their weekly workouts by prizing participants with a piece of winter gear. By the end of the month, each November Projectee was fully outfitted in a PUMA winter kit, ready to train through the winter, outside.

While November Project may not exist in your city, we hope the principals behind the group will inspire you. For the founders, it was a promise between two friends, a city yet to be explored, and a resolution to get fit.

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