My Lucky Clydes

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Back in 2008 when I started putting videos of my work online, my friend Harman (who is a giant sneaker head) gave me a pair of Puma Clyde Drexlers - brand new out the box, as he ordered them and they weren't his size. They were about half a size too small for me as well, but I figured the longer I wear them, the more I can stretch them out.  At the time I thought nothing of it, knowing very little of sneaker culture, put them on and went about my business. One day, on a trip to New York,  while walking through Brooklyn, a car pulled up and a gentlemen got out just to inspect my shoes, he had noticed them driving by. That moment I realized the shoes caught attention.

As I got into stage performing, I would wear them to every show, they were visually appealing, but more importantly comfortable. At the time I was still working as an elementary school teacher, and you can see in my class picture, I would wear them to work as well. As I traveled, they would be my primary travel companions. they seemed to go with whatever I was wearing, but really I had just developed a comfort with them, that caused my confidence to stay up no matter what I wore. In the world of entertainment, confidence is everything. This is how they became my lucky Clydes. After walking through a few too many snow storms and rain puddles, time has taken it's toll on my Clydes, but they're still with me. Coincidentally enough, Harman gave me a new cream pair of PUMAs that I still wear today, though I'm much more careful how I treat them.

My journey as Humble The Poet began in 2008, and my Clydes were there from day one. They represent the first step I took out of my comfort zone to pursue a path less traveled. Though they're weathered and beat up now, I feel that represents the struggles I've had to endure to make it to the point I have, especially as an independent artist. My Clydes represent the 'one step at a time' approach to chasing your dream, each scuff, mark and hole represents the battle scars I've accumulated along this path, and the fact that they're still in my life shows that I'm in no rush to hang up and give up on becoming one of the most versatile, hardworking, and creative individuals that Hip Hop & Music has ever seen.

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