Must-Have Apps for the After Hours Athlete

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Legendary nights don’t just happen on their own. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help. Here are our favourites.

We’ll be the first to admit it: A serious night out with your teammates doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. Like any sport, it takes preparation, teamwork and the ability to call an audible when things aren’t going according to plan. Luckily, we live in the age of mobile apps, offering the discerning After Hour Athlete a performance-enhancing tool belt for dominating the night.

We’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of our favourite AHA-worthy apps from around the globe, organized according to function. So whether you want to navigate (knowing where to hit up next is half the battle), communicate (keeping in touch with fellow teammates is crucial), document (a good night out is worth reliving, especially when we have trouble remembering it the first time around), or discover (it’s always nice to meet new teammates), we’ve got you covered.


Reigning Champ: Qype. A vast database of user-submitted reviews and personalised recommendations, Qype is perfect for finding everything from late-night curry to early morning breakfast tacos.

Contender: Rummble. Similar to Qype, Rummble is a UK-based app that compiles reviews but takes the idea of personalisation to the next level, offering suggestions for the indecisive AHA based on your previous ratings. An app that learns? Creepy and cool.

Honourable Mentions: Hummba, a South African-based app that combines local travel guides with itinerary planning for those times when a night out turns into something much more epic. KiezExplorer, a micro-local guide for navigating the bohemian neighbourhoods of Berlin.


Reigning Champ: KakaoTalk. You may recall we raved about this app when we profiled the late-night scene in Seoul, and for good reason. It allows you and your teammates to message each other either one-on-one or as a larger group, all for free. Perfect for group-shaming the Early Exiter among your friends.

Contender: Kik. Another free and easy-to-master messaging app with another cool-sounding name that starts with “K”? Kount us in.

Honourable Mention: Dignity. At the other end of the spectrum, we suggest this magical app for those late-night moments when communicating is a bad idea. It temporarily removes pre-selected contacts from your phone’s address book, preventing you from impulse dialling at 03:00. Take that, smartphone.


Reigning Champ: Instagram. This photo app makes even the most novice late-night documentarian look like a hip photog courtesy of its amazing filters. Perfect for capturing and sharing those unbelievable moments that some of our teammates might wish they could take back (you know who you are).

Contender: Path. For those of us that enjoy keeping a journal of all our activities – or simply have the memory and attention span of the guy from Memento – this clever little app helps us document and share in real-time.

Honourable Mentions: In the world of apps, both Facebook and Foursquare have long proven their mettle at capturing a night on the town. Now, if only un-tagging ourselves was easier…


Reigning Champ: FlirtMaps. Searching for love in all the wrong places? Try looking right around you with this location-based wonder, which identifies fellow single users in your immediate area. This international app is like your mobile wingman, handling all the heavy lifting—except coming up with your opening line.

Contender: Banjo. This super-useful app helps you stay connected with your teammates and even helps you make new ones, notifying you when your friends are nearby and allowing you to check out new people according to their interests – from the guy throwing darts across the bar to someone strumming a guitar across the world. They don’t call it social superpowers for nothing….

Honourable Mention: On the Bar. Currently in select US markets (but steadily growing), this nifty app lets you see who’s tending bar at your favourite watering holes and also discover additional bartenders that just might hold the keys (and shaker) to your new favourite drink.

So there you have it, your guide to a better night out through technology. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the unveiling of our latest PUMA Social app, destined to join the ranks as another must-have in every AHA’s tool belt. What’s your favourite app for a night on the town?

Photo credit: "an evening playing 'smartphone' pub quiz with the exeter twitterati!" (c) 2011 philcampbell made available under a creative commons license.