Meet Our Ambassadors: Guess Who

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Guess Who is a young and talented hip hop singer , who won The Romanian Music Awards  -   Best Hip Hop singer from Romania in 2010.

One of the most delicious moments in entertainment happened at that very event, when the piano that accompanied Guess Who onstage crashed, in front of the 30,000 guests and the TV audience.  Guess Who turned the performance around when he started to sing alone and the entire crowd joined in with him.  What a show!  The hit song Guess Who performed was “Locul Potrivit” which rocketed to the top 3 Romanian hits for the first half of 2010. 

Guess Who's given name is Laurentiu Mocanu.  As a young artist, he is considered  “ the amazing child” of the hip-hop generation. Guess Who has written all of his song lyrics from the age of 14 and is a passionate member of the music community.  His first performance took place in 2001 and since then he has performed on over 12 albums with well-known music artists such as, Grasu XXL, Parazitii , Bitza, Maximilian and Spike.  In 2006, he performed with Parazitii as the opening act for Fifty Cent.

Guess Who is now collaborating with PUMA as the Romanian ambassador for The Creative Factory.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek of his custom designed sneakers.