Mating Season Has Begun

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Instead of listing all the things we want to change in our lives, we think the New Year is an opportune time to recognize the things that we don’t want to change. Ever. Like our friends. And our lucky foosball knickers. (No judging here. When you’re on a winning streak, you’re on a winning streak.)

When you put these things together, you get lots of After Hours goodness. You get TEAMMATES: The Unexpected Pros. The Comic Reliefs. The Show Offs. The Designated Drivers. The Team Moms. These are the men and women that make any game or night out on the town a winning one. They put the “mate” into “teammate.” They have our backs during ping pong. Sometimes, the good ones even offer to get the next round. So here’s to 2012 and most importantly: Here’s to Teammates. Because there’s no “i” in team or in “beer” either. And those are two things that we want more (not less) of this year.

How do you plan to spend your After Hours in 2012?