Mar Mostro Delivery

  • Casey Smith and Team
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Leg 10, Day 1

Leg 10 is off to a great start. Everyone is super happy and relaxed on board. I treated them to a bit of nudity upon leaving the harbor just to give them a taste of things to expect. Dani-Girl (Danielle Neri, team logistics) was shocked, to say the least. All are eating and drinking coffee so all happy there. And, everyone has had a steer of the boat this afternoon — I’m happy to report no wipeouts. We just completed our first tack for a direction change and now have 60 miles to Fastnet Rock. Have had between 15 to 25 knots of wind and are expecting a lightening of the wind overnight to hopefully FRO or A5 conditions tomorrow.

Just tucking into our lamb roast for dinner and happily sailing along

Casey Smith and PUMA’s Delivery Team