Love Equals Football

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Whatever the result in the final, Egypt star Mohamed Zidan has already won one title: the Africa Cup of Nation's greatest haircut. Even the remarkable centre-parting and hair band of the Ivory Coast's Gervinho didn't come close to this "do".

The extrovert Pharaohs striker summed up the passion of this incredible tournament, and of the beautiful game itself, by having the message ‘love equals football’ shaved into his hair before the final match.

When Zizou decided to make this statement, he invited PUMA Football over to witness the historic hairdo in the making in his Luanda hotel room.

To the beats of Biggie Smalls booming out of a pair of speakers, local barber Quinzinho set about the Borussia Dortmund man’s head with a fresh razor blade.

Halfway through the job, Zidan’s team-mate and best friend, goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary turned up and seemed to find the whole thing very amusing, mopping tears of laughter from his eyes with his giant hands as he left the room.

Twenty minutes and just a couple of yelps of pain from Zidan later and the job was complete.

“Very cool,” declared the king of the Pharaohs inspecting his reflection in the mirror. We had to agree, the dude looked pretty fly. But what does it mean?

“It’s pretty simple,” explained Zidan. “Football is all about love. And I love football.”

Amen to that. Amen to that.