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Leg 2 Day 9 Blog from Kenny

I need to catch up on a few things that I have been remise in talking about.

First to Laird Hamilton. Nothing to report out here big fella. Waves we have found so far in our abbreviated Leg 1, and stay in Tristan, and Leg 2 are for the most part are nasty critters coming from all directions that have no redeeming surfing quality whatsoever.

For those of you who don't know what I am referring to, Laird Hamilton – super big wave surfer – and ourselves are collaborating on a bunch of projects. All ocean related under the big picture heading of "Understand and Help Save the Seas." The more people we can bring to this party the better, and cross-pollinating Laird’s surfing world and our sailing world is good way to help get the message out. One of the things we have agreed to do is to let Laird know if we see big surf building someplace around the world where we are going. The irony, of course, is we are always trying to not go there, and he is trying to go there. Sometimes we can't help it and that is when we will use our weather tools to give him a heads up on where the surf is up!

The other part of this public education program is our mascot, Marmo, who is onboard with us. He’s a children's character that is helping educate about the oceans and reaching kids at a young age. Marmo is a crazy looking little red sea creature who is traveling the world and telling about his adventures in a book. Marmo was a bit ticked off at me yesterday when we sailed right through a pod of whales – six to be exact, and I screamed for everyone to "hold on!" They appeared right off the starboard side and looked to dive under us at the last possible second. I nearly had to change my undies. Marmo wants us to be more careful.

When we find you a cool surfing spot, Laird, you will be the first to know. And for Marmo, he wants to see more of the Indian Ocean and we are heading north through it one pod of whales at a time.

- Kenny

Ken Read


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