Live Tweet Q&A with Sergio "Kun" Agüero

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PUMA Football sat down with Sergio “Kun” Agüero one afternoon in January to answer your questions on football and life in general. Anyone with a twitter-account could ask Kun a question using the hashtag #AskAguero. Kun then answered the best ones using our @pumafootball twitter-account. Below we have gathered some of your questions and the answers from Kun.

Q: @hri710: @pumafootball #AskAguero when you were little, did you want to be a footballer?
A: Kun: @hri710 "I always wanted to be a footballer / Siempre quise ser futbolista profesional"

Q: @paigesidlow: #AskAguero what age would you like to play football until?
A: Kun: @paigesidlow "I want to keep on playing until I can but I am still young and don't think about it yet / Quiero jugar hasta que pueda"

Q: @mrskunaguero: #AskAguero did you have a good Christmas/New Year?
A: Kun: @mrskunaguero "I had some clothes and a nice wallet / Para Navidad me ofrecieron ropa y una billetera linda"

Q: @cammyanderson: #AskAguero favourite career goal?
A: Kun: @cammyanderson "For what it represents for me and for the fans, the winning goal against QPR is my favourite one"

Q: @matthewmorgan96 #AskAguero best defender you have played against?
A: Kun: @matthewmorgan96 "It's difficult to say, there are a lot of very good defenders / Es muy dificil decir, hay muchos buenos defensas"

Q: @juliandilorenzo: #AskAguero. Tu lugar en el mundo? Kun abrazo idolo gracias x tanto !!
A: Kun: "Gracias @juliandilorenzo, mi lugar favorito es Argentina, sin lugar a duda / My favorite place in the world is Argentina for sure"

Q: @tilda_mcfc, do you like tea? #AskAguero
A: Kun: "Hi @tilda_mcfc, I like tea but I also drink "mate", it's a very popular drink in Argentina / Me gusta el té pero tomo también maté"

Q: @kennedysarah21: #AskAguero what do you like to do away from football?
A: Kun: @kennedysarah21 "I listen to music, watch movies and spend time with my family / Escucho musica, veo peliculas y estar en familia

Q: @hdesborough: What is your best footballing moment #AskAguero
A: Kun: @hdesborough "The winning goal against QPR and I hope there are more great moments to come"

Q: @emma_aguero: are you hoping that your son will become a footballer like you? #AskAguero
A: Kun: @emma_aguero "I like this idea, yes! / Me gusta la idea!"

Q: @fflorr_ #AskAguero tu lugar favorito en el mundo?
A: Kun: @fflorr_ "me gustaría ir a Las Vegas / I would like to go to Las Vegas"

Q: @rubi3zambrotta ¿Cuàl crees que es tu peor defecto futbolìstico y te gustarìa mejorar? #AskAguero
A: Kun: @rubi3zambrotta: "tengo que trabajar el cabezazo me gustaría mejorarlo@

Q: @Chelsea3D: What do you prefer wearing? Studs or Blades #AskAguero
A: Kun: @Chelsea3D: "me encantan los #evoSPEED / I love my #evoSPEED"

PUMA Football, @pumafootball: The live Q&A with @aguerosergiokun is over. Thank you all for sending so many questions. Did you get your answer?


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