Les Unknown Nicknames of Les Lions Indomptables

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We all know that Cameroon is commonly referred to as les Lions Indomptables (the Indomitable Lions). Whether a reference to their proud country's history, the bold attitude of the people or simply the great relationship between the players, is still unidentified.

However, recently PUMAFootball has been invited into the circle of trust. At least that’s what it felt like.

In between the mandatory-hotel-staff-team-shots, the Cameroon team chilled under the stadium beer stand and spent some time relaxing as teammates and friends. It was here that we discovered some fascinating nicknames of the players. Some more revealing than others…

Achille Webo is called “Conan the Barbarian”.

Rigobert Song has a history of nicknames. He went from "Magnan", which means "Brother to all" to “Charismatic Dinosaur'”, and today, with his new hair color, he is called “the Phoenix”. He believes that like the mythology of the Phoenix, which in any given moment can be reborn from ashes, he will always be able to come back.

Jean Makoun was first called “the Cleaner”, then they changed it to “the Sergeant”.

Geremi is called “Lucky Luke”, known to shoot faster than his shadow.

Idrissou is called “the Captain” by his club, Freiburg (Kapitän der Mannschaft, in German) and is seen by those in on the team as the leader who brings the young ones in and acclimates them to the country and the language. In Cameroon the community sees him as this, proud that Cameroonians are all over the world, and affectionately call him the Captain too.

And perhaps PUMAFootball’s favorite, Patrick Tignyemb is called “Michael Jackson”. Think you can tell why.