Les Lions Indomptables Are In Good, Very Good Hands

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Today the always-confident Alex Song greeted us with warm air-hugs for the morning training.

Then the coaches and their teams took over. Training is serious and it was quite moving to see the relationship between the coaches, physical therapist, support staff and players. It was very evident that everyone is in it with everything they have. On the sidelines, the medics stood in a line, closely studying every movement, every play - paying attention to the actions and reactions, observing each move and drill. Tecky Daniel, Cameroon's physical therapist tells us how their main task isn't taking care of injuries, it's preventing them and ensuring the players are in perfect physical condition.

Now and then they take some players off the pitch and start working their muscles. Stretching, pulling, bending them, making sure every fiber in their body is in flawless condition.

It’s one of those weird and wonderful jobs that their part should never be noticed by the public. If they end up never attending injuries, it means they’ve done a great job.

Tecky Daniel describes, "We do the background work, the kitchen work… When the players go to the field you don't see those doing the work … You just see the players."

Hail all of the unsung heroes of football, thank you for keeping our players in the game.