Les Fennecs are Off to Africa

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Leaving Germany for the flight to South Africa with the Algeria team felt momentous. The Desert Foxes all seemed to be equally focused and excited. Everyone cheered when the plane that was decorated for the occasion, cruised up to the jet way for boarding.

The private Airbus took the shape of a large living room where the staff, team and of course PUMAFOOTBALL got (very) comfortable. Security and staff were telling stories and joking and there was really good energy in the air. Before take off the team was giddy … some started spontaneously dancing while others made the obligatory last minute phone calls…

We sang a few rounds of “1,2, 3 Viva Algerie“ (of course) and celebrated the end of the training camps and taking the last leg of the Journey to Football.

And it was exactly then we caught up with reality, realizing that the team was on a big mission now – cause the 12-hour flight was long and quiet. The staff played cards well into the night while the team slept…

The morning after the plane touched ground on African soil. The boys are home in a sense, on their Mother continent to represent their Northern roots and play football.