Learn About: Water Conservation

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Save Water, Then Save Some More

Water is a very important resource. People need water to drink, and they also use it for cooking, washing, cleaning, and taking baths.

But water is not important for humans alone. Plants and animals need water too! Some animals, like fish, live in the water. It may seem like there is enough water for everyone, but not all water can be used by people. Some of it is salt water, which we can't drink. Some of it is frozen into glaciers. Some fresh water is polluted, which means it isn't good for people or animals to drink. 

People need to work together to not waste water, so we can all have some to drink! What can you do to help conserve water? While you are brushing your teeth, turn off the water. When you wash your hands, turn the faucet off while you lather up with soap. If you see a dripping faucet in your house, tell your mom or dad. Little changes can add up to make a big difference! If we all pitch in, we can help save water for both people and animals.