Learn About: Sea Turtles

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Biggest Shells on the Seashore

Sea turtles tend to get a bad rap… they’re slow… they’re shy… but I have yet to meet a sea turtle that I didn’t like. Yes, they often tuck their head and legs into their shell, but it’s a protective mechanism. Like when you hide under the covers during a thunderstorm.

Sea turtles are cool creatures. Although they live in the water, sea turtles breathe air. They come up to the surface to breathe, and they hold their breath while swimming. Sea turtles eat many different things, including algae, jellyfish, snails, and seaweed.

Mother sea turtles crawl onto the beach to lay their eggs in holes they dig in the sand with their flippers. They then cover the eggs with sand and return to the ocean. Sea turtle parents do not guard the nest, and the babies hatch on their own. When the babies hatch, they must make a quick dash to the water by themselves. (See? Not so slow after all!) After reaching the water’s edge, the babies will grow up and spend the rest of their lives in the water, except for when the females return to the beach to lay their own eggs.