Learn About: Fishing & Overfishing

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Don’t Take Too Much Tuna Too Fast

Everyone eats fish. (Myself included.) Humans all over the world have fished and eaten fish for a long time—anchovies, lobsters, crabs, tuna. They also hunt large sea creatures, and use them as products: whale blubber, for example, can be used in lamp oil. But this can become a problem when too many sea creatures are taken from the ocean.

“Overfishing” happens when people catch sea creatures faster than they can replace themselves. It’s been happening for centuries, but now is becoming a very big concern. Modern fishing techniques and large fishing companies have made it much easier to catch large numbers of fish each time a fishing boat goes out into the ocean.

But we can fix this problem! Scientists say that many fish populations can come back if the fishing industry is more regulated, and if fish farming was used more often than fishing for wild animals.

Marmo’s Tip: Ask your parents to buy sustainable fish species when they go to a restaurant or the fish market. It’s a small change that can make a huge difference later!