Lasek and Mirra Hook Up Some Lucky Fans

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Subaru X PUMA Rallycross Sweepstakes 

All you GRC fans have had a bit of a layover between the last race in New Hampshire and the one coming up at the end of September in Las Vegas. In the downtime, Dave and Bucky have been giving away some of their autoraphed PUMA race shoes! A few lucky fans were able to score these kicks and here is what they had to say.

Mark Bench: “I work in an independent Subaru shop, and have met Dave at a couple events/shops/SEMA in the past. Dave is a great guy… I never win anything so thank you.”

Chris Erdrich: “Thanks PUMA. This is AWESOME! I've been a fan of Rally, Mirra and PUMA for a long time. This will look fantastic in my office and the guys will be totally jealous. Totally stoked.”

Frank Durocher: “I love my WRX, I love Rallycross, I LOVE the car designs, and Bucky is an amazing athlete and an upstanding guy who seems to love his family. I value all of that immensely. Now that I have his signed driving show I'm a little bit closer to turning my WRX into a replica of his RallyX STI.”

Thanks to some great fans for all the support! If you missed these sweepstakes, check out the one here from our friends at Tillys for a chance to roll with Bucky in Vegas!