La Furia Roja proved to be too tough for the Selecção das Quinas

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It was the battle of Europe. Two of the best teams in the world that just happened to be neighboring countries met in the Iberian Derby, the game deciding who snitches the last spot for the quarterfinals. Some of the best players on the planet knew that a loss meant packing your bags and go home, regardless how talented you are.

Crisitano Ronaldo – one of the few contenders to Lionel Messi for Best Player in the World this year – today that meant you and your Portuguese teammates. Portugal tried, had a few dangerous attempts but if it wasn’t Casillas, Barça's dependable center-defenders were standing tall and clearing it all (Sergio Ramos is too busy challenging Maicon for most offensive right back now – and doing it well and Capdevilla is good at doing his job, no more no less). And with the probably best midfield in the world (hello – they can spare Cesc Fabregas on the bench) the Spanish Armada is looking pretty darn solid.

The Premier League had the most players in the World Cup (106 – runner up Bundesliga had 78) but they are also the players who have been struggling the most. Fernando Torres is no exception as he’s yet to score his first goal in this World Cup. Doing better each game, but still slightly out of sync, he has been a little too slow in the crucial decision-makings and accuracy not just there.

Which is why Spain has David Villa too. He stood for one third of Spain’s 19 shots and the odds that he would be the tipping point fell by each ticking second. So when he hit his own rebound, it wasn’t a shock. BOOM. 1-0 Spain, who will now face Paraguay.

Oh and on the Torres side note: remember that he only scored two goals in the Euro 2008. One of them in their 1-0 win against Germany in the final. Just saying.

Friday: Netherlands-Brazil and a special game for PUMAFootball, Uruguay-Ghana

Saturday: Argentina-Germany and Paraguay-Spain.

Just reading it makes you want to be able to fast forward time.