Keeping Wickets

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Keeping Wickets

From being all-rounder’s to musical experimenters, the legends in wicket-keeping seem to have a lot going for them. Even before they made it big on the world stage, keepers seem to have interesting quirks.
While reputed players across the globe have taken up the thankless profession, it’s interesting to see what some of these guys were up to before they decided to guard the stumps.


Ian Healy would have turned out to be a banker:
You would think that the son of a banker would have finances on his mind. This wasn’t the case for Ian Healy at all! While his father worked on ball park figures, he was busy dreaming of keeping wickets for Australia. Hugely inspired by Rod Marsh to take up wicket-keeping; Healy chose to brave the speeding ball and tame it by choosing to wicket keep. This is what gave him a rush more than any other sport.


Limbering up on the field with Alan Knott
Alan Knott, inductee into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009, is quite the exercise buff. A random stretch here, a moment to touch his toes there; he doesn’t waste a spare moment on the field. A restless soul, you could see him limbering up, every minute he gets.


Law called to Sangakkara, before cricket
Black suits were just not Kumar’s style. Instead of taking after his father and becoming a lawyer, he decided to throw on the whites and rule a ball coming towards him even if it was keep wickets to the gulies of Murali. Now that’s what we call being spirited!


Boxing his way to wickets: Godfrey Evans

A talented young sportsman and an incredible amateur boxer, Evans was sure to make the big leagues. However, this 17 year-old self saw a turn of events when he was forced into cricket by the Kent Committee. He quickly switched his boxing gloves with his wicket-keeping ones and boy, was that a smart move!