Kamui Kobayashi exclusively answers questions from our fans of facebook.com/pumamotorsport

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After his outstanding performance at his home Grand Prix of Japan with overtaking seven competitors, Kamui Kobayashi took the time to answer selected questions from our fans of facebook.com/pumamotorsport.

Q (Betha Joy Loquing): Did you already meet with Sergio Perez and/or what are his impressions with
his new teammate for 2011?
A: I will meet him in Abu Dhabi when he will test for the team the week after the GP there.

Q: (Erick Olivares): Would you say there was an advantage racing in Japan, your home track then
compared to other tracks?
A: Certainly Suzuka has been a special race for me personally because of my fans and family in Japan,
but we also had a great strategy.

Q (Zsolti Pál): You seem to sit very low in the cockpit. Do you have difficulties while driving because
of this? What car are you driving at home?
A: I am sitting pretty much in a normal position for myself so it fits me well. I actually do not drive a
lot when I am off but I have a BMW X5.

Q (Ramin Moghbelpour): What is the most exciting/challenging aspect of being a formula one driver?
A: The whole life is a challenge but in this job a few tenth of a second too much in a decision can
become a problem, so quick decision is a key aspect and a too long decision can be a real problem.

Q (Moritz Diroll): Which has been your favourite circuit this season and what is your favourite Sport
besides F1?
A: Of course Suzuka and Spa because they are very exciting with high speeds, challenging and having
good corners. But also Turkey 2010 gave me a lot of experience, because I had a good confidence
and it has been definitely a turning point for me. It might sound strange being a Japanese, but I do
not like baseball, I prefer football.

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