Joy of Cricket - Mansi Shah

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My joy of cricket was when Yuvi was playing for Kings XI Punjab during IPL season 1 and I went for the match at Wankhede stadium - Mumbai Indians v/s Kings XI Punjab!

The stand I was seated in was totally filled with Mumbai Indians supporters and I was the only one supporting Kings XI Punjab. I would cheer when a wicket for Mumbai Indians fell or runs were scored by Punjab. All Mumbai supporters were just staring and growling at me and finally Punjab won that match by 1 run..I was scared of all the Mumbai supporters around me, but then I saw Yuvi's face on the big screen; that happy, joyful, victorious smile on his face made me forget all about the fear of the Mumbai supporters around me. I still have the ticket of that match with me. I want Yuvi’s autograph on it someday!!

It was indeed, a difficult situation to stand amidst a hundred Mumbai fans and shout out for the victory of Punjab, but it was the best and joyous moment of cricket for me.