John Super Mario Mensah Cart

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After spending some time with the Ghanaian team two things become obvious.

But before we announce the results of this grueling battle, a test of skills and mind, it's important to remember that winning isn't everything.

Doing your best is well enough and…who are we trying to kid here!? Mensah beat us by a landslide. Hope he preserves his winning form into June.

  1. It’s a team that loves each other and gets a kick out of each other's company. Jokes and laughter fly around like a hurricane.
  2. John Mensah’s nickname shouldn’t be “The Rock Of Gibraltar”. From now on it should perhaps be - John Super Mario Mensah Cart. This incredible warm and kind man, with a heart greater than the ocean, the man that never travels anywhere without his cheeks up – completely adores his cute little portable video game. Favorite game? Super Mario Cart. PUMAFootball never backs off a competition so the race was on. Literally.