Is Usain Bolt Setting the Stage for Another World Record?

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Not in his best form? Though Usain Bolt has publicly suggested his fitness isn’t in the same record setting state as in the 08-09 seasons, his field leading first round qualifying time of 10.10 seconds hints at the contrary.

In his previous world record campaigns, Bolt consistently hit 10.2 seconds in both of his first round qualifying heats. Based on time alone, critics could question if Bolt’s faster result is tied to his doubt of form, however, being as much a showman as he is an athlete, one can’t help but wonder, is Usain Bolt
only setting the stage for yet another dramatic and historic performance?

Having smoothly shut down his speed with twenty five meters to spare, yet spanning a comfortable 13th of a second lead on his closest competitor, Usain Bolt showed no rust, no worry, and no reason to question his title as the world’s fastest man. Though this year’s pool of competitors is studded with strong sub-ten second performers, the spotlight thus far remains on the tall charismatic Jamaican.

Given today’s performance, how do you think the rest of the world championships will unfold? Is Usain intentionally building suspense to unleash all the more awe-inspiring speed? What runners who you’ve seen so far present the greatest challenge? Feel free to weigh in using the comment box below, or post to our running communities on Facebook and Twitter.

Guess Usain Bolt's time and don't forget to wish him luck!