Introducing the PUMA Re-Suede; PUMA's Most Sustainable Shoe

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Introducing the PUMA Re-Suede. PUMA has re-tooled the brand’s most iconic shoes, the Suede, with the highest degree of recycled materials, delivering sustainable style through an unforgettable classic look.

The PUMA Re-Suede has been developed using the latest materials and processes in eco-friendly product innovation continuing its legacy of distinct style, attitude and innovation. Every aspect of the shoes has been designed with environmental impact in mind including the upper, sockliner, laces and sublining which are all made from 100% recycled materials and an innovative new outsole material.

The synthetic ultra suede upper material is created by Toray, leaders in the development of environmentally responsible materials. The synthetic suede is comprised of 100% recycled polyester fibers, produced by a chemical recycling process that reduces both the energy consumption and the CO2 emission by 80% compared to the production of virgin materials. The recycled polyester is scrap waste from manufacturing processes that is repurposed to create the synthetic material.

The PUMA Re-Suede retains the look and feel of the original Suede but is made for the environmentally conscious consumer. The outsole is made from Double R Rice Rubber, which replaces a portion of the rubber content with a rice husk filler, a natural bi-product of the food industry, reducing the amount of overall rubber needed saving considerable fossil fuel energy in manufacturing and agricultural resources, making it PUMA’s most sustainable shoe yet.

The new PUMA Re-Suede is incredibly light weight, (140g/5.2oz less than the original) thereby reducing the fossil fuels needed in transport, saving fifteen tons of carbon emissions for every ten thousand pairs shipped. The Re-Suede is currently being sold in PUMA’s Clever Little Bag, a cutting-edge innovation in sustainable packaging that replaces traditional shoeboxes.